Radon Testing Services




·       Radon Gas is present in EVERY home!

·       Radon is the leading cause of Lung Cancer among non-smokers!

·       Radon is odorless, colorless & tasteless…a silent killer!

·       York County is among the highest Radon levels in the nation!

·       EVERY home should be tested for the Radon level present!

·       The good news is…ANY level can be easily mitigated!

While I have recently retired from performing Home Inspections, I have continiued offering Radon Testing services to York County residents and the surrounding communities.  Radon gas is present in EVERY home and is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer behind smoking.  York County is known for its extremely high levels of Radon Gas and my goal is to encourage EVERY home owner to test their home to know the level present and take the steps necessary in reducing the level to one that is under the 4.0 pCi/L "action level" establicshed by the EPA.  I have tested homes as high as 200 pCi/L in the Seven Valleys/Jacobus area and while levels that high are unusual, it is VERY common to find levels between 25 pCi/L and 75 pCi/L in my experience, I'd estimate at least 8 out of every 10 homes tested are high!

As a PaDEP state certified Radon Tester, I am held to a very high standard of accuracy and excellence, so the results I deliver are guaranteed accurate, much more so than is often the result when home owners attempt the DIY home test kits available in home centers.  I have also reduced the cost of my testing services to be competitive with the store-bought test kits as an incentive to urge homeowners to have their homes professionally tested.  

If you have never had your home tested....if you have children....if you spend time in your basement.....if you are concerned about your health and the risks posed by Radon Gas, I urge you to give me a call and schedule a test. 

***Two common misconceptions to be aware of: The first is that Radon Gas is only present in older homes with basements.  While basements are the level of any home where the highest levels will be present, Radon Gas is in EVERY home and even homes with slab-on-grade foundations can have high levels present!  The second common misconception is that in newer homes with Passive Systems built in, that those homes are safe from high levels.  Passive Systems are rarely ever effective in maintaining a low level, and while they may offer a small level of protection, their primary advantage is that upgrading to an Active System is much easier with only the addition of a fan necessary to effectively maintain a low, safe level.  Only an Active System will provide the protection you need.  And the EPA recommneds re-testing every 2-3 years or prior to any planned renovations, as levels can change over time.

Radon Testing is non-invasive, safe, takes only 48 hours and results are delivered immediately!  I do not need the services of a Lab that takes additional time and adds additional cost. You will have your results the same day the test concludes! This will offer you peace of mind in at least knowing the level in your home.  If it is high, the means of lowering it is simple, inexpensive and I will be happy to guide you through that process. 

Don't put yourself or your family at an unnecessary health risk any longer when all you have to do is call me at 717-578-3010 to schedule a test!  I hope to hear from you soon! 
Bob Huska
BH Radon Testing, LLC