While the cost of an inspection is based on several variables, the following price guide will give you a good idea of the cost for the services offered.  Please call me at 717-578-3010 for an exact quote. 

Standard Full Inspection/Move-In Certified Seller Inspection

Under 1500 sft                                          $275.00
1500 to 3000 sft                                        $295.00
Over 3000 sft                                            Please call 
                                                                     for quote

4-Point Insurance Inspection                 $200.00
Typically performed for a homeowner when requested by their insurance company to obtain a new insurance policy or renew and existing policy.  It is far less in scope and is limited to a visual survey of the Heating/A/C, Roof, Electrical and Plumbing systems.  Not recommended for those who are buying or selling a home.

Termite Inspection                                       $75.00


Radon Testing

With Full Inspection                                      $100.00
Radon Test alone                                           $125.00

Water Testing

Basic  ( Total Coliform, E.coli)                                                          $75.00
New FHA 
(Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ecoli, Total Coliform)                  $145.00
VA Group 
(Iron, Lead, pH, Nitrate, TDS, Surfactants, T/C, Ecoli)   $145.00
Conventional Home
(Iron, pH, Nitrate, Total Solids, Surfactants, T/C, Ecoli)         $145.00
USDA                                                                    $145.00
Various other water tests available upon request.

* Save money with combination inspections & services
(Based on the average 1500 to 3000 sft home. Under 1500 sft or over 3000 sft will be adjusted accordingly.  Add $25.00 per each additional 100-500 sft over 3000.)

#1  Full Inspection & Termite Inspection    $360.00
#2  Full Inspection & Radon Test                   $395.00
#3  Full Inspection, Radon Test & Termite   $470.00
#4  Full Inspection, Radon, Termite, 
       E.coli & T/C Water Tests                         $525.00                                                         


Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify.